Sunday, February 23, 2014


Good news about Coke (KO).  Their dividend increased once again from .28 to .305.   That's pretty sweet.  I was expecting a smaller increase but I'll take it.

Also, thanks to Write Your Own Reality.  He gave me a heads up on a brokerage account at Loyal3, where it's fee free.  You can buy and sell stock for free.  Yes free.  You can do a dollar cost average (DCA) with your stock purchases.  There aren't too many available stocks to purchase but they do have some solid choices like coke, pepsi, mcdonalds for the dividend stock investors and solid stocks like amazon, google, bershire.  Another thing is DRIPs aren't available on majority of the stocks so you can pick and choose what to do with the dividend and since it's fee free, it's sort of like Scotttrade's FRIP.  Here's the best part, you can use your credit card to fund the transaction.  I know I have a 2% cash back credit card and with no fees, win win chicken dinner.

I plan on spreading $200 ($10-$20) over 14 stocks every month.  I'm using some of my allowance since I want to invest more besides roth, 401k, 457, and The Fund.  I know it's not much right now, but I know the shares will accumulate as I invest month after month.

My first order goes through on Monday and will be on a monthly basis, scheduled for the 24th of every month.  I'll update the portfolio as soon as my purchases go through.

These will be the monthly purchases:

$20 KO
$10 DIS
$10 DNKN
$10 HAS
$15 INTC
$10 K
$10 MAT
$20 MCD
$15 MSFT
$20 PEP
$10 SBUX
$20 TGT
$10 UL
$20 WMT

I like the balance of the stocks for my "allowance" portfolio.

What does everyone think?


  1. Just saw this DE! Thanks for the shout out and glad I could introduce you to a pretty awesome service for dollar cost averaging! You've gotten a great mix of companies in that purchase!

    1. Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate you letting me know about loyal3. By doing DCA on these stocks, it's just putting the money away and letting it build over time. Thanks I'm glad you like my mini portfolio. I think DNKN is my sleeper pick of the bunch. I love their coffee and they are expanding their locations. Hopefully they get in the SF Bay area soon.

  2. Awesome plan Richie, Loyal3 is an great service. I've been using it for a few months now and really like it.Hopefully it continues to stay free. With a long-term investing horizon, I think you're going to do very well with all of those companies, nice mix of mature blue chip dividend payers and some high quality growth names along with sector diversification. Even though DIS doesn't pay much for a dividend it's a company I'd like to add in the future as they have some great growth prospects.

    1. Ya i have a couple companies like Disney, starbucks, dunkin brands are speculative plays on my part and I'm just buying a little bit each month. I have a niece that loves disney stuff and I enjoy the coffee from both starbucks and dunkin so why wouldn't I want to have shares of companies that i buy stuff from anyway.

      I have 14 companies i'm interested in for now but I think if I have more money later on I may also invest in no particular order apple (i use ipod/ipad/iphone), bud (i enjoy drinking lol), DPS (i love drinking diet dr pepper), Hershey ( who doesn't like chocolate?), Mondelez (snack spin off from oreos), nike (i love their brand), Yum (my wife loves kfc and I like taco bell), and frontier (interesting spinoff from ATT and has a high yield...might be a chasing yield here but at $10 a month, might not be a bad gamble)

    2. Some of the first books I ever read on investing were by Peter Lynch who teaches to "buy what you know" when it comes to stocks. It's a good strategy and usually makes it a lot easier to research your holdings. I'd much rather read about the sales and growth prospects on budweiser and oreos than some complicated technology any day. ;) I currently own Apple and although it's been a great performer, on paper anyway, I'd like to focus more on proven dividend payers first before adding anymore to my position. Although, even with the recent price increases it still looks cheap going by traditional valuation metrics. Hershey is another one I'd like to add at some point but it just seems too overvalued right now.

    3. Peter Lynch is a smart man. Definitely agree with him. You shouldn't really buy anything you don't understand.

      Speaking of which, I know I'll eventually own DEO sooner or later. What can i say I'm a drinker and their brands are known world wide. I don't think another company comes close to them.