This is where you can keep track of my Roth IRA and The Fund.


Back in May 2012 (before I knew anything and prior to getting married), I bought 20 shares of PBI and 40 shares of SPLS. Although I know I should sell both, especially PBI since they cut their quarterly dividend, I will keep both as a reminder of how far I have come as a dividend investor.

Here's the Loyal3 account, aka. "Allowance Account"



  1. You have a pretty conservative portfolio like mine. In other words, you aren't just buying the crazy high yielding MLP's and REITs that many of the dividend bloggers are doing. I rather focus on dividend growth rather than current income. Thanks for sharing your holdings!

    1. Hello DivHut. Thanks for the kind words. I'm of the mindset of buy what you know. But I wouldn't be doing my due diligence if I didn't look into MLP or REIT. Actually, I am considering a REIT as my next buy in my roth. I am looking at ARCP. I think they are a decent REIT with solid tennants. Perhaps, I'd consider O but they are overvalued at the moment in my opinion. Other stocks in consideration is ESV, DE, GE, T (i know I missed it when they bottom out but they still offer a solid yield)